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A: At the moment, the market shows no sign of slowing down, and industry analysts expect growth worldwide.
A: At the moment, accessories for growing and vaporizing.
A: General Managers, Operations Manager, Comptroller, Accounting Assistant, Sales Representative, Sales Assistant, Marketing Manager, Compliance Director, Human Resources Manager, Master Hemp / Cannabis Grower, Junior Grower/ Asst. Master Grower, Inventory Manager, Procurement Manager, IT Manager, Help Desk, Flower Trimmer, Master Extractor, Extraction Technician, Extraction Assistant, Dispensary (Budtenders), Receptionist, Processing Technicians, Packaging, Delivery Service, Cook/Chef, Doctor, Cultivation Assistant, Chemist, Lab Technicians, Lab Manager, Patient Services, Agriculture, Trimmers, Drivers, Security, Extraction, Manufacture, Clerks, Administration, Quality and Control Supervisors, Lab Analysts, Compliance, and many more as the industry grows…
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General Inquiries

A: In order to work in our industry, you should follow these steps:
  1. Access to the Puerto Rico Department of Health home Page
  2. View all the requirements and certifications needed in all industry areas
  3. Choose in which area you would like to work
  4. Verify where you can enroll in an authorized institution by the Department of Health for the required courses
  5. After completing the courses file all the paperwork required for the expedition of the corresponding certifications.

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